Our Farmers

Supporting British family farms

Swaythorpe Growers is a partnership of over 40 family farms across the Yorkshire Wolds and the Vale of York. Many of our farmers are second or third generation pea growers, and their experience and devotion to the land helps to make our peas taste sweeter.


The family farm is the backbone of British agriculture. In our part of the world, it’s thanks to the farmers that the landscape looks as beautiful as it does, and we want it to stay that way.

When you buy a bag of Yorkshire Peas, you’re not only buying the best tasting peas, you’re supporting a way of life on the Wolds.

We pride ourselves on knowing exactly when to plant and harvest our peas.

Because our peas are so tender, we work to get them from picked to frozen in 150 minutes. Each field is planted on a specific day, so every pea can be harvested at their peak. Our sampling team go to each field to test the peas for tenderness, and when they are at their sweetest, harvesting begins, whether it’s day or night.